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Not all themes require flowers, but flowers definitely enhance the decor, besides adding a touch of freshness and gaiety to the celebration. The Popularity of flowers and floral decoration has only increased with time. Although seasonal flowers are in great demand, so are the traditional yellow marigolds and everybody’s favorite, the roses, off-season flowers are equally sought after. Imported or Indian, Dry or Spray Painted, Glitter Coated or Swarovski studded, or Natural whites dyed to match the color of each theme.

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Floral Decor decoration is done as per the style & theme of each function. Flowers most Commonly used are Gerbera, Carnation, Anthodium, Orchid, Rose, Lilly Asiatic and Oriental, Chrysanthemum, Daisy and iris. These flowers have a longer life and to proportionate flow.

Indian flower decoration is mostly suited for the functions or themes that are Traditional Or culture based like south Indian, Rajasthani, Gujrati, Haveli or Raj Mahal Theme. Indian Flowers are more affordable and are easily available all over the country.

Cut flower and Imported flower decoration is best suited for any Floral based theme, Western themes and for English style of decor. Though the current trends are to mix Imported cut flowers with Indian flowers, Cut flowers are slightly more expensive and Need more handling Care. Flowers are mostly use to decorate the House, Gate, Food Counters, and the Ceremony Stage, Vedi / Mandap, Soft Drinks Counters etc.

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